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uilding a new home is unlike purchasing an existing home. . Whether you've previously owned 1, 2 or 10 homes, it really doesn't matter. While there a few commonalities the process of building a home is much more complex, at least 100-fold more complex. Too often consumers rely upon a builder they have selected to ensure the success of their project and that, my friend, is mistake number #1

The Ten Most Frequent Problems When Building

  1. Buyers, lacking the necessary knowledge of the building process, forego control of their investment and look to their builder as their sole source for guidance. This reliance upon the builder to fulfill their responsibilities often ends in disappointment.Buyers, lacking the necessary knowledge of the building process, forego control of their investment and look to their builder as their sole source for guidance. This reliance upon the builder to fulfill their responsibilities often ends in disappointment.

  2. Builders fails to visit the construction site with the owner before construction begins to analyze the surroundings, conditions, potential obstacles and specific site circumstances that often require special attention.

  3. Builders fails to make progress construction inspections. Builders rely on their subcontractors to establish the norm for quality and completeness of their work.

  4. Builders' contracts are builder favored making them self-serving. They use open-ended language pertaining to various condition costs, they have unaddressed quality standards, and weak performance commitments, etc.

  5. Excessive and/or needless "allowance Items" are used for the builder's convenience. These allowances are poorly estimated amounts that favor the builder.

  6. Excessive charges for Change Orders made during construction.

  7. Incomplete and/or poorly described Building Specifications.

  8. Unrealistic projected completion dates.

  9. The use of intimidation to project and/or persuade personal opinions.

  10. The unwillingness of owner to confront builder with justified complaints.

Our 35+ Years of Industry Experience
Will Guide You Through The Home Building Process

The Wise Home Building Guide can help you avoid these 10 common problems. Built upon 35 year of industry experience, the Wise Home Building guide will server as your step by step mentor as you go thru the process providing important knowledge, keen incite, and an abundance of tools, charts, and aids to help you every stop of the way.

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.. J.P.V. Dayton, OH
We followed your guidebook as suggested. We knew exactly when and what our home builder was doing and the same for what was expected of us. We are grateful for what we believe we have, which is a better home and saved ourselves a sizeable sum of money.

... H.D.P. Redding, CA
Despite having built before, when I proposed it to my wife again, she said she wanted no part of it. A friend suggested visiting your website to view your guide book. I did, bought it and shared it with her. After reading it from cover to cover, and then building our new home, we happily moved in our new home last March. Many thanks.

… S.S. Chevy Chase, MD
We just got your book a few weeks ago and I am already glad we purchased it. Its cost was negligible. I mostly appreciate your proactive approach. Thanks you WiseHome Building Advisors

… K.B. Hartland, WI
An article in Life Style West Magazine prompted us to explore your guidebook which we then purchased. Amongst its highlights was the section for getting the family involved; for noting our wants, needs and wishes. It became a family affair and soon rallied the children into being a part of the building process. It certainly added an exciting dimension to our family and new home.

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Would You Gamble Your Family's
Life Savings In A Slot Machine at Vegas?

You are about to embark upon one of the largest and complex purchase decisions you will ever make in your life. Do you really want to trust a builder and your own inexperience with this project? I don't think you do! If you did, it would be like pulling the slot machine lever, or rolling the dice and hoping for a successful outcome. That's not the way I would treat my money.. and I don't think it's the way you would treat yours.

The building process is complex because it consists of many steps, and relies upon the interaction and coordination of numerous subcontractors. But the good news is that its NOT - Rocket Science. It's something that you can come up to speed on, and educate yourself about, so that you can protect your investment.


A Partial Listing Of The Aids, Tools, and Advice
You'll Find in Wise Home Building

Home Construction Progress Chart: You will know at a glance if progress on your home's construction is on schedule or falling behind, giving you ample time to act to get things back on schedule. This can mean saving you interest money and/or if you're committed to a vacating date at your present residence.

A 60+ Page Home Construction Glossary: If you don't know the lexicon or terminology, how can you ever hope to understand the document you review or have a conversation with your builder. Moreover, if your builder realizes you're uniformed he's more likely to take advantage of the situation.

Product and Material Selection Schedule: These choices are made prior to you signing the contract rather than after. Thus, it avoids unnecessary, last minute home builder calls wanting you to make hurried, last minute decisions. Plus, it is organized to save you time, money and unnecessary chasing and pressures.

Ceiling, Wall, Etc. Textures & Color Selection Schedule: Every contractor involved will know well in advance as to what materials, finishes and/or colors go where. No guessing or last minute phone calls to make hurried decisions.

  • Example Building Contract

  • Example Specifications

  • Advice on dispute resolution; Court or Arbitration

  • Building Timeline

  • Tips for selecting a lot/land

  • Designing You New Home

  • Turning Your Design into Blue Prints

  • New Home Appraisals
  • Mechanic's Liens

  • Four Methods of Contracting

  • Draw Schedule and Payment Advice

  • Subsoil Conditions and Precautions

  • Change Orders

  • Final Walkthrough Inspection

  • Selecting a Builder

  • Four Types of Inspections

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