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Wise Home Building Guide Testimonials

… J.P.V. Dayton, OH
We followed your guidebook like suggested. We knew exactly when and what our home builder was doing and the same for what was expected of us. We are grateful for what we believe we have is a better home and saved ourselves a sizeable sum of money.

... H.D.P. Redding, CA
Despite having built before, when I proposed it to my wife again, she said she wanted no part of it. A friend suggested visiting your website to view your guide book. I did, bought it and shared it with her. After reading it from cover to cover, and then building our new home, we happily moved in our new home last March. Many thanks.

… S.S. Chevy Chase, MD We just got your book a few weeks ago and I am already glad we purchased it. Its cost was negligible. I mostly appreciate your proactive approach. Thanks you WiseHome Building Advisors

… K.B. Hartland, WI
An article in Life Style West Magazine prompted us to explore your guidebook which we then purchased. Amongst its highlights was the section for getting the family involved; for noting our wants, needs and wishes. It became a family affair and soon rallied the children into being a part of the building process. It certainly added an exciting dimension to our family and new home.

… C.J. P. Reno, NV
We found your step-by-step guidebook a reliever for unneeded pressure. We attributed our good working relationship with our homebuilder and the quality of our home directly to what we gained from your book.

After hearing what our neighbor said they went through; we bought your book and asked them their opinion of it. After giving it great raves, we showed it to the builder for our home who commented how complete it was. Thanks to him, our neighbor’s and your home building guide for making our building experience a positive one.

… L.J.S. Orlando, FL
We followed it to a "T" and it worked liked your Website stated. It was the best investment we put into our home. We highly recommend it to everyone who is planning to build.

And a letter from a builder.....

WiseHome Building Advisors, Inc.
Brookfield, WI 53045


Your company’s information is very informative. As a builder, I wanted a clear under- standing of the “pitfalls” of home building from another perspective. Also as a builder, I suggest putting a greater emphasizes on the reasons and efforts that made this business happen.

We certainly recommend your program to others. We view your business as greatly improving the builder/buyer relationship and giving owners the confidence needed to We certainly will recommend your program to others. work effectively with their home builder and to sincerely enjoy the process. I would personally consider it a learning experience.

One of the most difficult challenges a builder faces today is dealing with uninformed home buyers. These people are vulnerable and are easily taken advantage of. When this happens, the whole home building industry receives a bad name and every home builder is a suspect

The reverse occurs when this owner becomes very demanding and indifferent to the builders efforts. We have found that very open and frequent communications alleviates this. But educating the buyer is the most important element in the whole process and that is what you are about.

Your work will make the relationships more pleasant resulting in more builder referrals, and an improved reputation. We applaud your efforts and wish you every success in your venture.

Very truly yours,
RLS, P.E. President

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