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Key Features of Guidebook

Builder Qualifications - Questions to ask your prospective builder and things to observe for in builder offices and sites under construction.

Building Glossary - If it relates to having a home built, expect to find it here.

Blueprint Symbols - Drawn symbols to match those on the blueprints. Makes armature print reading a breeze.

Building Marketplace - Need ideas? Over 400 Websites to surf for the common and hard to find products, services and ideas.

Check List A - "Wish List." To find the items that were not thought about.

Check List B - "Family Considerations list." Places of work, schools, church, the drycleaners, shopping, relatives, other future and/or present live-ins, guests, etc.

Construction Contract - Part "A" Contract Language (sample copy, a full set)

Construction Contract - Part "B" Construction Specifications (sample copy, a full set)

Construction Schedule - You're able to follow your home builders' construction progress, knowing at a glance whether your home is on, ahead or behind schedule.

Final Inspection Punch List - A final "Walk Thru" inspection check list. It gets everything corrected before final payment is made to your builder.

Insurance Documents - This simple step avoids a huge risk. Its one most agents are unfamiliar with.

Lien Waivers - A frequently used document by home building trades people, yet likely the most misunderstood and incorrectly processed. Yet, it's the owner who pays the consequences.

These are just a few of the many tools and aids found in "Our Home Building Guide"

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