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Critiquing of Home Builder - Buyer Documents

A review of your construction documents will save you money , commonly thousands. Even if you have already had a lawyer review the documents, you should still have someone experienced in home building do a review. Our 35 plus years of experience have taught us to recognize builder contract weakness and flaws, errors and omissions, misrepresentations, and clauses that benefit the builder and/or penalize you.

contractA review of your building documents is the number one place that provides you with instant and sizeable savings, commonly thousands of dollars. We are so sure that this review is worth your timeand money that we guarantee our review will turn up AT LEAST $500 in savings. If it doesn't you pay nothing.

A home building contract consists of two parts. Part A is the contract language, conditions, terms, and prices. Part B is the building specifications. Interwoven into these are the blueprints, warranty and possibly addendums. A full complement of documents often will exceed 30 pages. Most of the document templates used by builders were procured from or written by a home builder's association. As a result the documents favor the builder NOT you, the buyer.

The review and critiquing of your home construction documents and providing of phone advisory services are preformed by a trained seasoned staff having a minimum of fifteen years of home construction experience. These advisors are supported by supervisors with a minimum of twenty-five years of building knowledge. Moreover, all building documents are double critiqued by a team working singularly to ensure they are thoroughly scrutinized. This includes but is not limited to a review for for errors, fair pricing, language content, products and component terminology, identity, description, quantity, and design.

Below is a listing of the fixed price home construction consulting services we provide and the fees we charge.

Construction Contract Review $99
Construction Specificiation Review $179
Construction Blue Print Review $199*
Change Orders $49
Builder's Close Out Statement $119
Non-Specific Phone Consultation $24.50, 1st 15 minutes**

*    Prints over 2200 sq. ft. will be charged $10 per 100 sq. ft.
** Phone Consultations are $24.50 for the first 15 minutes and thereafter $.99/minute.

Phone Consultations

In addition to the document review services discussed above, Wise Home Building also provides you with phoneconsultations by phone on any topic of your choosing. You no longer have to rely upon your own judgement or rely on advice a well meaning but inexperience friend or family member when a problem arises. You have a building expert as close as your telephone. Our phone consultations are quick, inexpensive and a reassuring means for solving problems with knowledgeable advice and guidance provided by skilled home building advisors. Most issues are solved within 15 minutes. This is a great value for less than $25.00

If your "issue" is not solved at the time of your initial call, your query will be researched and you'll receive a prompt reply. There are no charges for research time or for the return call.

Our Take It To The Bank Guarantee

Experience has demonstrated to us that our document critiquing consistently saves our clients substantial sums of money. To affirm our expertise, we guarantee our clients a minimum savings of $500.00 when critiquing their "home construction documents" or there will be no fee charged. To learn more about how our consutling services save you money, we suggest that you review the actual case studies from past clients.

To Place An Order

If you are interested in purchasing any of the consulting services listed above, Once you have placed your order, you will be given specific instructions on where to send your documents, or how to schedule your phone consultation.
You may order by clicking this.

Document review is typically completed within one week of receipt of your documents. However depending upon our schedule and the complexity of your project this could take up to two weeks. At the completion of our work, our comments are attached and sent by email to expedite your receipt of this information.

Phone consultations can typically be scheduled within 2 business days of our receipt of your order. If you need to schedule something more quickly, please call us first.



Note. All of are services are provided from the home construction perspective. We are not attorneys nor do we advise on any legal matters whatsoever. We are neither engineers, architects nor profess to be any specific building tradespersons. Our broad knowledge and skills have been gained through decades of dedication working with the various building tradespeople. Our skills continue to be expanded by to the demands of our services.

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