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New Home Building Consulting Services

Actual Client Case Examples

The following client cases were presented to our construction advisors. A summary of the findings, the results and the fees charged are provided below.

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1. Blue Print Critique and Review

Upon reviewing buyer's working set of plan/blueprints, we found:

  • 1" x 6" trim silhouetting the doors and windows rather than the standard 2" x 6".
  • Silhouetting was excluded from the rear of home and the fireplace chimney chase.
  • Six panel doors were shown on the blueprints for the first floor but flat doors upstairs, although specifications called for 6 panel doors upper and lower.
  • Laundry tub was omitted in the basement.
  • Garage overhead doors were identified only as insulated metal doors. The specs should have included the identity of its manufacture, model, R-factor, color and size.
  • Our client was billed for the upgrade to dimensional shingles that were not identified on the plans or in the building specifications.

Results: Upon owner presenting our written report to the builder, builder revised his contract to include all of these items at no additional cost to our clients.

Professional fee: No charge. This service was part of comprehensive package of services they purchased from us.

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2. Change Order Problem

Customer changed the original kitchen cabinetry layout, replacing certain cabinets with a planning desk, assuming an even exchange as the builder didn't mention any price difference when he had them sign a blank "Change Order" form. After the cabinetry installation was completed, owner received an additional bill for a shocking $3,000.00. The builder agreed the amount sounded excessive but insisted it was correct and payable per the signature on the "Change Order" form. The owner contacted us.

Solution: We contacted the builder to point out his unethical treatment of the customer and potential courses of action. A few days later the owner received a revised bill reflecting a $2,400.00 reduction, resulting in a total cost for the change order of $600.00 for the desk upgrade.

Professional fee: $45.00

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3. Problem with Builder and Contract Language

Client bought a building site from their prospective builder. The "Offer to Purchase" contained a contingency clause that stated this builder would be the sole builder of any home on the lot being purchased. After the lot closing, the builder re-quoted the home price, reflecting nearly an $18,000.00 increase over his original quote. With that contingency in the "Offer to Purchase," the builder had the buyer locked into purchasing the home from him. It would be nearly impossible for them to resell the site to anyone.

Solution: We had several phone conversations with the builder, applying strong builders' language. The following day the builder called the owner and told him he had reduce his quotation by $17,400.00. This plus several other issue on this project save our client in excess of $23,000.00.

Professional fee: $135.00

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4. Home Material Quality Defect Problem

A new home had significant color variation in the factory stained cedar siding that had been installed. The builder offered to put an additional coat of stain on the discolored boards, trying to match all the others. Our client nearly accepted, but decided to get our opinion. We informed them that the boards would not weather evenly because of the difference between factory applied and manually applied stain. The builder insisted this would work.

Solution: We intervened with a conference call that included the builder, the supplier and the manufacturer. After discussing the problem, the manufacturer agreed to restain the entire home at no cost to the owners. We preserved several thousand dollars of home value by maintaining the integrity of the exterior stain color.

Professional fee: $90.00


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