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About Us

The Wise Home Building Guide was written by a former builder with 35 plus years of experience in the industry. The concept for the document began in 1993, when author became known in community circles as a source for sound advice and information for consumers experiencing builder difficulties. Its foundation was based on a study of and interviews with the three principals associated with building homes. Those were: a) owners whose homes were recently completed, b) builders and c) lenders (where owners faced unexpected costs overruns and need to return to the bank for additional funds).

These findings from this study, combined with his decades of experience in the home construction field, and the growing reputation as a consumer home consultant led the author to develop the Wise Home Building Guide. As the business grew, the critiquing of building contract documents and phone advisory services were added.


Mission Statement

Having a home built is a multifaceted undertaking. Our mission is to simplify and organize this process by assisting with buyer challenges and turning them into positive experiences. Our foremost objective is to educate, assist and guide consumers to prevent problems (pro-active approach) instead of a "problem solving" (the reative approach). By doing so consumers are able to sidestep the commonly known "home builder problems" and "buyers regrets" of wishing they would have done things differently.

Our second objective is to provide information, tools, and aids to enable consumers to address all issues associated with having their home built from "concept to completion" resulting in a new home built on time and within budget. The Wise Home Building Guide complements this goal by providing a means for consumers to accomplish this objective. Following are a few of the aids and tool to assist you.



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